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  • Building Beautiful Energy Efficient Custom Homes The ICF Way!

    Once a structure is built with Insulated Concrete Forms, there is no comparison to a conventional construction. These homes are stronger, safer, quieter and much more energy-efficient...

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  • Build A Home You Can Afford To Live In!

    A typical 2,500-square-foot ICF built home in Southern Ontario can save you approximately $1300.00 in heating and air conditioning costs each year...

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  • Looking For Safety For Your Family?

    ICF wall is 400 km/h wind resistant, impact resistant, 4 hrs fire rated, will not rot or decay. It is earth-quake proof and resistant to all bugs and pests...

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  • Listen To The Scilence!

    An ICF home provids unparalleled peace and quiet. It’s walls allow less than one-third as much sound to pass through than 2"x6" frame walls…

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  • Breathe Easy!

    ICF homes create a healthier home and environment. No air infiltration means no dust or allergens, no cavity walls for mold, mildew, bugs or rodents, non-toxic materials, no off-gassing...

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We build innovative custom homes that deliver value, help you save money and live better, and in the process we make an ordinary home into an extraordinary showpiece.

We have the right products, the right building methods, the right materials and the right builders to build homes right, from the ground up!

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"Whether people are conscious of this or not, they derive serenity and sustenance from the atmosphere of the things they live in or with."
Frank Lloyd Wright

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