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11 Items on Every Home Buyer’s Wish List

Green Home

Green Home

Deciding on individual specifications within a custom home build is based on personal choice and preference, however; there are quite a few specifications that most, if not all, homeowners universally want – regardless of family size or status. To help you understand which items should be on your  dream list, we’ve created a list of the 11 items on every home buyer’s wish list.

  1. Energy Efficient Furnace
    With the bitter cold winters of Southern Ontario, it’s no wonder that energy efficient systems top every home buyers wish list. That’s because unlike older heating systems, having energy efficient furnace means saving money on your utility expenses, even in the coldest weather.
  2. Central Air Conditioning
    Having a home built for your family means ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the year, which is why central air conditioning takes the second spot on a home buyer’s wish list. With the summer heat often passing 30 degrees Celsius, keeping cool in your home is a must. Central air conditioning also helps reduce your utility bill, requiring less money to run than “window” units.
  3. High-Quality Windows
    The windows in your home have a direct impact on your overall comfort; keeping you cooler in the summer and toasty in the winter. That’s why every home buyer should opt for a high-quality window – with at least a double pane. Having a double pane window keeps the cold air separated from the warm air, working to minimalize transfer between the too. This also reduces condensation on the windows too.
  4. Commercial Appliances
    The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home; it’s important the design optimizes your time. Commercial appliances offer a larger space to cook and prepare food – meaning you’ll be able to spend your time with family and guests – instead of juggling different dishes and temperatures. With many commercial appliances having a higher grade burner and range, food cooks more evenly (and faster) than traditional residential appliances.
  5. Spacious Master Bedroom
    After a long day, there’s nothing better than putting your feet up and relaxing. Having a spacious master bedroom can help you create the intimate private space you’re looking for, without feeling cramped and cluttered. Opt for a space that’s large enough to accommodate your bedroom furniture (king-sized bed, dressers, nightstands, and mirror) and a small seating area too.
  6. Ensuite Bathrooms with Separate Shower
    Having an ensuite bathroom for your master bedroom makes morning routines simpler – offering a separate space to store your needed items. The ensuite bathroom is typically a complete bathroom (not just a powder room) which means having a separate shower within the same area of your bedroom. Having a private space to get ready means more time prepping for the day – instead of fighting for the bathroom time with the rest of the family.
  7. Low Maintenance Property
    Having some green space in the backyard is important for many homeowners – especially if you’re looking to entertain in the summer months. That’s why many home buyers are looking to simplified outdoor spaces, especially if those areas are little maintenance. For most home buyers having a self-watering system installed can be a time saver in the summer, when relaxing outdoors should be the highest priority.
  8. Backyard Living Areas
    With many homeowners looking to bring the indoors outside, it’s no wonder that backyard living areas are becoming more popular. Custom built decks and pergolas offer an extended outdoor space that can be used as more than just a barbecue area. Many individuals opt for a fully-functioning space, complete with a kitchenette, outdoor bar, and proper seating areas.
  9. High-End Countertops
    Traditional laminate countertops are becoming a thing of the past, with more home buyer’s looking to have a natural stone (like slate or granite) installed within their kitchen. Not only does stone look more visually appealing, but it also offers a higher-quality finish and durability. Laminate is more likely to scratch and chip over time – unlike stones naturally hard surface.
  10. Upgraded Electrical Panel
    With an increasing demand on electrical panels, opting for a high-end system can save you frustration (and renovations) down the road. In fact, traditional homes offered a 60 amp service, which is no longer sufficient for current electronic devices. Home buyers should look to have at least 150-200 amps installed in their home; depending on the size and usage need.
  11. Parking Space on the Property
    While it might seem like a no-brainer, having adequate parking space for your vehicles can save you headaches in the future. Many home buyers opt for the typical two-car driveway, with side-by-side parking. Although you can use a longer, single-style driveway, maneuvering vehicles can be difficult in the event of multiple cars. Also, consider whether your home requires a garage for storing the cars as well, or if outdoor parking is sufficient.
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