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Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends of 2015 and Beyond


Kitchen Design Trends 2015

Having a custom kitchen is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to create a functional, practical space with current modern kitchen design trends. Although every kitchen should have the unique characteristics, a homeowner brings to space, following these to 10 trends can help you optimize your space while still creating a beautiful kitchen the whole family will enjoy.

1. Environmentally Friendly Appliances

From energy efficient fridges to low watt lighting – creating a green kitchen doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or style. In fact, most major brands are designing eco-savvy, modern products to keep up with the demand for higher performance with limited environmental impact. Look for appliances with reduced energy use; they’ll not only save you money on your utilities, but they’ll also reduce the overall impact on the environment too.

2. Use White and Black Instead of Vibrant Colours

Incorporating colour into your kitchen is important, but selecting bright, vibrant colours might not be sound investment. Stick with classic, neutral colours and play with their contrast within the kitchen. Mix bright white cabinets with a black quartz countertop, for example. The idea is to keep the colour selection on the primary level and use the opposite colours to draw attention into the kitchen.


Modern Black and White Kitchen

3. Design for Plenty of Storage

There is nothing worse than a cluttered kitchen without enough storage space. For a well-functioning kitchen and higher return on investment, make storage solutions a priority in your design. These can include floor to ceiling cabinets, hidden storage beneath an island or even a streamlined storage shelf above the window. Consider some items your kitchen currently holds – including your pots, pans, cleaning supplies, food and pet products—and add an approximate increase of 20%.

4. Large Commercial Ranges and Hoods

With commercial-sized ranges growing in popularity, upgrading your range is a trend you’ll want to consider. While the oversized appearance compliments virtually any space, the increased function of the commercial stove allows even the most experienced cook the opportunity to shine. Look for a range that offers six full-size burners and a multi-function capability for the oven. Some commercial products offer dual temperature cooking, perfect for dishes that require different settings while cooking.

5. Quartz rather than granite countertops

Granite has taken a back burner to Quartz countertops—and for good reason. While both products offer a beautiful finish to any kitchen design, Granite countertops can often result in a steep price tag for those kitchens requiring ample coverage. Quartz can lower the price of your kitchen countertops and offer a host of other benefits too. Quartz is not naturally porous (unsealed Granite contains tiny channels within the stone) meaning it is less likely to stain or discolour over time. Quartz can also have a higher colour control due to its resin application, meaning you’ll have a more sleek finish to your kitchen than natural stone.

6. Installing Farmhouse Sinks

With small double sinks becoming a thing of the past, large farmhouse sinks are a beautiful accent to any kitchen. Unlike traditional sinks, the farmhouse sink works as a focal point in the room with a slightly overhanging front that extends beyond the cabinet line. Farmhouse sinks also offer a larger, deeper area in comparison to traditional sinks– giving more room for baking sheets and other cooking accessories.

7. Warm Metal Kitchen Fixtures and Accents – Brass Is Back

It’s time to start coming away from polished, shiny fixtures; 2015 is a time for warm metal accents. That’s why matte brass is a beautiful piece for any kitchen design. It draws in the warm light and offers a “home-like” feel to any kitchen. Warm metal fixtures and accents work beautifully with large farmhouse sinks – that don’t house the fixtures on the sink itself, making it an attractive piece functionally and cosmetically.

8. Furniture Inspired Design – Pull Out Drawers

Moving away from standard kitchen cabinetry, furniture inspired pieces have found their way into the kitchen design. Instead of opting for the norm lower cabinets, consider installing longer drawer-styled pieces; offering more room for your items, instead of void space. With modern drawers providing a “quiet-close” system, you’ll have a streamlined system that minimizes sound – and prevents pinched fingers in the process.

9. More Glass Backsplashes

Ceramic tiles were the most popular backsplashes for years, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it. Glass backsplashes offers a custom design to any kitchen – reflecting light off the design and brightening the kitchen as well. Glass backsplash is also a sterile solution for those individuals suffering from allergies too.

10. Bring the Shaker Style into Your Kitchen

Adding unique detailing to your cabinets can dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen. Consider adding a shaker-style feel to your kitchen by looking for a clean, detailed appearance. Softened lines can make space feel larger, which is helpful for virtually any kitchen. Cabinets are traditionally made of stained wood (or painted wood) – which can bring the rustic feel into your kitchen – while adding depth and character.

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