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How Much Will a Septic System Cost in Ontario

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Before discussing Septic System Cost in Ontario, we first need to explain what is a septic system and why is it important.

Septic System Cost - Ontario

Homes that aren’t connected to a municipal sewage system require an on-site septic system. The purpose of the septic system is to clean and purify human and household waste and return the filtered water back to nature.

In general, there are two main parts; a septic tank, and an absorption system, also called a drain field, leach field, or disposal field. These are located underground and connected to the house by sewage pipes.

To function well, the system must be designed to work with the number of bedrooms in the house, the size of the home, the layout of the site, and the composition of the soil that will handle the septic field.

The price of your septic is also highly dependent on the soil type. The drain field does not need to be as large for permeable soil conditions as it does for less porous soils.

Because of that, it is hard to accurately pinpoint the cost of any septic system. The only sure way to find out is to get some competing quotes. However, in the article below, we will give you valuable information that will help you figure out the costs.

So, What Is The Average Septic System Cost In Ontario?

There’s no way around it. Installing a new septic system is expensive. Sadly, there’s no generic answer to how much a septic system will cost. It will fluctuate in price depending on the following factors:

1. Soil Composition: It is much cheaper to build a septic system on sand than on the rock. Fine, silty soils require more drain field and are riskier to build due to slightly higher failure rates. Ultimately, the soil percolation test will need to be performed to determine the absorption rate of your soil.

2. The level of underground water: If you have a high water level on your lot, you will need to raise your septic field. That usually includes importing septic sand and installing a pump.

3. The size of the home and number of bedrooms: It should be self-explanatory that a septic system for a seven-bedroom mansion in the country will cost more than for the 1000 square feet cottage.

4. The type of septic system: There are many different types as there are costs. (More below).

5. Engineering costs: In some parts of southern Ontario, a qualified engineer and septic system contractor will be required to get the necessary health and sanitary permits, appropriate excavation at the site, and permission or approval from local building or planning officials. Some townships also require soil analysis.

6. The installer: Prices for the same job vary from installer to installer depending on their suppliers, job loads, etc.

7. The proximity of materials to your building site: Septic systems need a lot of materials to be trucked in. This includes a concrete tank, septic sand, clear stone, etc.

Ontario Building Code Regulates All Septic Systems in Ontario

All residential septic systems in Ontario must be built according to the Ontario Building Code, notwithstanding how the home will be used. The septic system is engineered the same, whether the residence is full-time or seasonal, or, whether only one person is occupying the house or four of them. The system must be built to meet the maximum use likelihood of the home, in the event, the property is sold, or changed from seasonal use to a year-round residence.

The guide below has been put together to assist you with understanding the minimum Ontario Building Code regulations for residential septic systems. You will be able to figure out what kind of septic system you need and approximate costs. Local governing health or building authorities may have additional by-laws in place requiring other design requirements.

First, let’s figure out what kind of system do you need:

All residential septic systems that are within a single lot and rated to accept a total daily flow rate of less than 10,000 L must abide by the Ontario Building Code. The two main items that dictate the size and design of a septic system in Ontario are the maximum daily flow rate and soil and site conditions.

How To Calculate Daily Flow Rate

All daily flow rate calculations start with the number of bedrooms. Most people believe it is based on the number of bathrooms or current occupants, but that is not the case.

The Ontario Building Code implies that for every bedroom, two people could be living in the home. The average daily use per person is 275 litres, and therefore, the maximum daily flow could be around 550 litres per bedroom.

Ontario Building Code Bedroom Rate:

1 Bedroom – 750 litres
2 Bedrooms – 1100 litres
3 Bedrooms – 1600 litres
4 Bedrooms – 2000 litres
5 Bedrooms – 2500 litres
More than five bedrooms – you need a professional engineer

Apart from the bedroom rate, you have to determine the number of fixtures, bathrooms, sinks, toilettes, etc.

If the total fixture count is greater than 20, then 50 litres per additional unit will need to be added to the bedroom rate.

The chart below will help you figure out the number of fixtures:

Fixtures and their value:

Bathroom group (toilet, sink, tub) – number of fixtures 6
½ Bathroom – number of fixtures 5
Kitchen sink – number of fixtures 1.5
Garburator – number of fixtures 3
Clothes washer – number of fixtures 1.5
Dishwasher – number of fixtures 1
Laundry tub – number of fixtures 1.5
Additional tub – number of fixtures 2
Additional shower – number of fixtures 2
Additional sink – number of fixtures 1.5
Additional toilet – number of fixtures 4
Floor Drain – number of fixtures 2

If your total is greater than 20, calculate the additional flow of 50 L for each added fixture. Round up for each half. For example, if your total is 22 1/2, then you may have to add 150 L to the base bedroom rate.

The Bedroom Rate:

The total living area will also need to be calculated to add additional litres per day to the base bedroom rate. The living area includes all living space, excluding the basement.

To the “bedroom rate,” you will need to add the higher of these numbers, as opposed to adding both together.

First, you will need to figure out if the living space is exceeding the included limit of 200 square meters (2152 sq.ft.). For every 10 square meters of living space over 200 square meters, you will need to add 100 litres to a max of 400 square meters. If your house is larger than 400 square meters, consult an engineer.

Once you have determined the living space and fixture count flow rates, whichever is greater is added to the base “bedroom rate.”


Let’s find the maximum daily flow rate for a four-bedroom home with three full bathrooms, extra sink in ensuite, kitchen sink, washer, laundry tub, dishwasher and total living space of 305 square meters (3282 square feet).

The base bedroom rate for four bedrooms is 2000 Liters. You have to figure out if you have to add to it.

Lets do the math: 3 full bathrooms = 18 + kitchen sink = 19.5 + extra sink = 21 + washer = 22.5 + laundry tub = 24 + dishwasher = 25.5.

So, for every fixture unit over 20, we have to add 50 litres.

Next, you need to figure out the combined flow rate due to living space over 200 square meters. There are an extra 104 square meters, and therefore, the added flow would be: 10.4 x 100 = 1,100 litres (rounded).

So, the largest of the living space – fixture count is 1,100 litres. That number has to be added to the 2000 litres bedroom rate so that the maximum daily flow (Q) will be 3100 litres.

The size of the septic tank is defined by this figure. The septic tank must be twice the daily flow, but no less than 3600 litres, except where a garburator is installed. In that case, the volume must be three times the daily flow. For the purpose of this example (without garburator), the size of the tank = 6200 litres or approximately 1400 imperial gallons.

How Site Conditions Determine The Size Of Septic Field

Now that we determined the daily flow rate, another detail we have to figure out is the rate at which the treated wastewater is absorbed into the ground. That is called a “T-time.” “T-time” is the number of minutes it takes for the water level to drop one centimetre in a test hole.

In sandy soils, “T-time” is usually less than 10. This means that it takes less than 10 minutes for the water level to drop 1 cm in the water-filled hole.

If you are dealing with clay soils, the “T-time” could be 50 or more as the small soil particles are slowing the rate of absorption.

Once the Daily Flow number and the “T-time” are identified, you can then figure out how large the septic field has to be.

Different systems have different equations to figure out the size of a septic bed.

As an example; Let’s take the most common drain field installed in Southern Ontario, a gravity-powered, conventional trench bed.

Total Trench Length would be decided by multiplying the daily flow rate by T time and multiplying by 200. (Q X T time) / 200.

For our house example, the total trench length would be calculated as (Q rate = 3100 litres) 3100 X 10 (T time for sandy soils) = 31000 / 200 = 155 meters of total excavation and pipe length.

If your “T-time” is = 50 or greater, regular runs can not be installed. A raised bed or “Advanced Treatment System” will need to be placed instead. A raised bed may require importing septic sand at the rate of $200 – $300 per truckload.

In general, gravity-powered sand filter beds (bottom right) are the least expensive. In most parts of Ontario, you can get such a system installed for $10,000 – $15,000.

The conventional gravity trench system (bottom left), for a three-bedroom house, on a level site, in good soil, can vary considerably depending on where you live, but it should be roughly between $10,000 to $20,000 depending on soil composition.

Sand filter bed

So, how much will your septic system cost?

To break it down, we will consider the costs and materials associated with the building of a traditional, single-family home, septic tank and a system using the gravity design.

A standard system will include:

Tank: It can be made of concrete, fibreglass or polyethylene and come in a variety of sizes. The most popular one is concrete, and these will cost around $1,300 to $2,500 depending upon size and installer.

Clear Stone: The amount of gravel required will vary by the soil type of the site and the overall landscape. The average cost of clean drain gravel at the time of this writing is between $30 and $50 per ton plus trucking time – approximately 2-3 truckloads.

Piping: This will vary according to the size and design of the system. Usually, around $20 per length for a 3″ perforated pipe.

Excavation equipment time: Usually, from $100 to $150 per hour.

conventional septic bed

Additional considerations and costs

If the area of your property receiving the leaching bed is hard to access and trees, rocks, or fencing must be removed, it will also add to the price.

You will also need to factor in the cost of sod or grass in the area after the septic installation is done.

The permitting costs: should not exceed $1,500 in fees for design and permit.

Like all larger home projects, the installation of a septic system should follow a pattern of soliciting several bids from qualified installers.

It is important to ask for references and proof of adequate liability insurance for a project such as this, and the work and materials should also have some guarantee or warranty as well.

Often an installer can even provide some maintenance agreement that will see the system pumped every one to three years and inspected annually.

Canadian Septic Discusses this subject here:

Pumping of your septic tank:

Remember, if you want a relatively trouble-free and long-lasting septic system, get your septic tank pumped on a regular basis.

How frequently you pump your septic system is determined mostly by the number of people living in the home. For an average-sized 2000 sq ft three bedrooms home the following timetable is suggested for pumping septic tanks:

1 Person: Every seven years
2 People: Every six years
3 People: Every five years
4 People: Every 3-4 years
5 People: Every two years
6+ People and over: Every year

  1. Hello, ill move to Ontario and this info will help me so much, thanks for this excellent post

  2. I didn’t know that the price of a septic tank depends on the soil type. My yard is more sandy than it is rocky. I’m glad this means my price will be considerably cheaper! Thanks for the insight!

  3. Nice article. There is some good information here but a few corrections need to be made.

    1) You do not need an engineer if your home is over 5 bedrooms. You will only require an engineer if your over 10,000 litres a day flow rate.

    2)The fixture chart is a good basic idea but there are variables and not all load units are necessarily what is indicated on that chart. Things like drain size and the way they are connected can affect the load value. Example: floor drain with a 3 inch trap is a load of 3 not 2, depending on the style of toilet it could be 6 not 4 etc.

    3)For residential applications the septic tank volume is twice the design flow. Period. A garburator has no effect on design criteria other than it adds 3 fixture units only if it is a commercial style with a 2 inch trap.

    4)For commercial systems the tank size must be 3 times the design flow.

    5)The pricing you give here is very low for many of the items in general. A septic tank for an average 3 bedroom home @1600 l/day would be roughly $1500 give or take depending on the manufacturer, where as a large 5 bedroom multiple washroom home you could easily spend $4000 or more. A good starting point for a complete system here is closer to $15,000 and it just keeps going up. Soil conditions play a very large factor as mentioned. An average 3 bedroom could be 20 to 30 thousand depending on after treatment, site conditions and much more.

    All people installing septic beds in Ontario, for others, need to have a valid BCIN and should carry adequate insurance.


    • I couldn’t agree more Joe. Note the biggest issue I have is the cost of the cert sand. about the only place that sells around here is near 650. per load of 20 to 22 ton per truck and one may need 30 truck loads = 19’500 just for doesn’t seem fair the cost(s) are driven so hi.

  4. Wow, $7500 – $10,000 wood be great. All the quotes we got were for $18,000 to $20,000, and that’s just for the septic bed, the tank is fine.

    • Hi Tanya
      Did you find a reasonable contractor? I’m dealing with the exact same project and looking for a reasonable cost.

      Appreciate any tip or suggestion

  5. Just for reference: I received 4 quotes so far for a system ranged between 10500CAD and 13000CAD. House is 2000sqft, 1000L tank all the materials for beds needs to be supplied, so the worst case scenario.

    • Hi Ion
      Did you find a reasonable contractor? I’m dealing with the exact same project and looking for a reasonable cost. Here is my email

      Appreciate any tip or suggestion

    • hi Ion….so did u get the septic system installed…what were your final costs …what company u used…and are u happy with everything…
      really appreciate your feedback as i am going to go thru a similar project soon

    • Hi Ion,
      Did you find a reasonable contractors? I’m dealing with the exact same project for a replacement and looking for a reasonable cost. Please email me any tips or suggestions. Thanks. Andra

  6. We had a new system installed last year and are not happy with the placement. Can the holding tanks be reused and moved or do we need to purchase a new system?

    • You need to talk to the septic system inspector in your township. You will need a new permit, and someone from the septic/health department will be able to tell you if it is possible.

      • we have a trailer on site but wont be building soon. is a smaller and cheaper septic tank just like the one they use in trailer parks allowed to be installed to connect our trailer?

  7. Hey Mr Admin!!LOL Some great articles.Thanks
    In Ontario as a home owner you can install your own septic system.
    They also do not expect you to do the excavation.Though when the inspector laser line levels the header,pipes and the distribution box, it has to be less then 1/4 inch to the engineered drawing.Not impossible to do, just take your time and hope it don’t rain everyday!!
    Plus don’t drive over it!! Good luck!

  8. Hello, we are building an addition to the house. The existing septic is ok but undersized when considering the addition. Can we just add another another septic system ( i.e. having 2 systems on the property) or we need to upgrade the existing one or redo the whole thing?
    Thanks, Michael.

  9. I appreciate the article. We are building a new home in Amherstburg(old Anderdon). I’ve been hearing I’ll spend 15k but now I’m concerned. We have clay soil and home of approximately 2900 sq.ft. 5 bedroom 4&1/2 baths. I was following your equation but got lost according to our house specs.
    Also will septic type vary if a pool is installed?

    • Curious if you got an answer? Our renovated house will be abt 2000sq ft but we also have clay soil. Quote of $30k!!

  10. hi
    lot grading plan, application fees to the City of Ottawa and all other associated 15000 Or more

  11. Hello, I am purchasing home on the west rouge , Scarborough,toronto with an existing septic system at the backyard. I am not that familiar with operation and maintenance of the equipments and appreciate the following info:

    1. Services offering for yearly maintenance in the area
    2. Contract to convert the septic ro a sewage system . Contractors need to provide a turnkey from permit to final connection.
    3. Tips of DIY to ensure the proper operation and on the house insurance I should take

  12. HI, Great info, thanks
    Can anyone recommend a installer or supplier for septic tank, in London Ontario area.
    Thank you

  13. Would anyone have recommendations for a contractor in Kenora. I have one quote and I would like a couple more

    • Hi Lia … My name is Susan. Our family owns a cabin in the woods in Ontario northwest of Toronto. We have been given estimates to repair or (recommended) replace a septic system. I realize each situation is different but upwards for $55,000-$60,000 seems excessive for a cabin used for a few days every couple of weeks at most for 7 months of the year. Would you be willing to email me what you estimate was? I have been searching the web for pics and they are 5X lower. I will call other places next week.
      thank you in advance if you can share your info with me. I’m about to have a heart attack! 🙁

      • Where is your cottage? We may be able to recommend someone.

        • Greetings Sir,

          I came across this site ,as I was looking for how much it would cost to get septic installed on a property with a trailler… the property is in crowlake,central frontenac ,is there anyway you could send me a contact for someone who I can relly upon to give me right estimates and may be who could survey the possibility of different options i have in mind …my email address is and phone number 4168938980 …thanking you in advance..

        • Looking at replacing a 50 year old residential system in Trent Lakes , Buckhorn area and was wondering if you could recommend any contractors in the area.



      • Look into installing a holding tank instead of septic system. Ask local town if holding tanks are permitted.

    • Hi Lia. Would you mind passing along the name of the contractor for the Kenora area that you used, if you had decent results?

  14. Very low price given – perhaps the best case scenario for a small house with good access, but my cottage country sloping lot lakefront job for a 4 bedroom house with laundry, two full baths and kitchen with dishwasher was quoted at $28,000. This did include demo of the old tank, but that wouldn’t account for such a difference, I wouldn’t think. I would think there have been significant supply cost increases.

  15. I have an existing grey water system that is working well. If I was to install a septic system for a flush toilet only what size septic tank would be required? Only the toilet would be piped into the septic tank.

  16. Hello, we just bought a house last year. the home was built in 1976 and it had the original septic. We were told we need to get a new septic system installed and were quoted 25k for a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom home that is about 2000 sq ft. looking at the other prices it doesn’t seem reasonable, does it seem reasonable to you?

    • I can’t answer your question without knowing a bunch of details. Where? Soil composition? Do you have to dispose of the old system? I would also like to look at the septic engineering. Please call or email me directly.

      • Can the regional authority dictate a holding tank on a 40 year old property or does a repair back to original specifications, or better, have to be accepted? We have a small area and ATU system.

  17. Hi
    I live in the Port Perry area. I bought my house almost 3 yrs ago – with a septic inspection. At the time I was told that the wall between the 2 tanks (baffle?) was likely going to require repair and/or tank replacement in the future. As of this week, my main floor toilet is no longer flowing (all remedies tried to clear a possible clog with no success) and now my main floor kitchen sink seems to have slowed drainage. I’m wondering if this tank needs repair/replacement now. Any suggestions as to what sort of tank I should be looking at – and possible prices? It’s about 1200 sq ft home with 2 people in it (3 bedroom, 2 bath, under 20 – based on the info in this article).

    Looking forward to any thoughts.
    Thank you!

  18. Hello , I am building a house with a walk out basement , does this change the calculation for septic size ?

    • Yes, and no. Does a basement have any bedrooms? Washrooms? What is the total square footage of finished space, including the basement?

  19. Hi advisors,

    I bought a house of 3 bedrooms and one bathroom, looking to remodel and get some additional bedrooms and more bathrooms but the septic in the backyard is quite small in size, 5’x8’
    My question is:
    Is it possible to install another septic in front of the house since I have enough front yard? In other-words, is it okay to have tow septic systems in same house?

  20. Was just wondering how much my 1 bedroom cottage . dishwasher. Sink. Washer and.dryer. bathroom sink . and shower and toilet. How much would it cost me to empty septic tank. How often. Am new cottage buyer. Am using water off a well that’s filtrated.

    • To empty a septic tank in Southern Ontario, it should cost you anywhere from $250 to $400. If they have to dig to find lids, it may be a little more. How often depends on the use and size of the tank. Check the guidelines in the article above.

  21. Hi,

    I was looking at purchasing a cottage that has 10 bedrooms, 4000 sg/ft. two full bathrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms and 1 washing machine The existing septic tank is 1500 Gallons, I think that may be too small for the size of the cottage. Any thoughts??

  22. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with the Aquarobic Treatment unit with Waterloo flatbeds for the disposal area.

    We are on 2000 gal septic tank only at the moment with no bed

    Small lot and Considerkng our options

  23. Hi Everyone, This forum is great, I am in Caledon ON and looking to put 2 Extra Washrooms and probably a swimming pool also with 1 more washroom and I may need to put 1 Extra Septic system or upgrade existing one looking for good contractor who can suggest me what is the best option available and cost involve

    Please suggest. Any help on this will be appreciable.


    • You may try to call Acchione Brothers Construction from Orangeville. They install septic systems in your area for the last 50 years.

  24. We are looking to purchase a’ boat access only cottage and it requires a septic…it’s a small 2 bdrm but would have 5 + people throughout the summer months. What could we expect it would cost considering its on the Cdn Shield?

  25. I’m looking for a contractor for Grafton Ont
    I plan to build in the future a 4000sq ft Center as an enlargement of our Church property. Right now we have a small Church 600 sq ft with out house toilets. I only want 1 septic system for all. Any suggestions.
    Owen James

  26. Building new home on sloped land towards Ottawa River just north of Renfrew. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations on septic system installers?

    Thank you for this website. Sry informative and useful.

  27. Hi

    Great forum. I am building an extension and adding a bathroom. My question is since I have a failing system , can the old on be removed and simply replaced by a new one in the same location? Also what would be the recommended first step. Contact an engineer or go with an installer? Any installer recommendations in Ottawa?Thanks in advance

  28. Hi, does anyone of experience or have ideas of costs in Northern Ontario in particular Timmins to Kapuskasing area. Currently in early stages of understanding build costs however unit specs would likely be three bedroom/1500 ft2. Also any recommendation on contractors? Thx

  29. Great article. Thank you for all the information, it helps a lot when building a small house.

  30. Great site , comments and suggestions ; Do you have any great septic systems installer in South Frontenac area . We are in process to start to build house up to 2500 square feet .Any suggestion on the price range . Thanks !

  31. We had a new septic system installed last year to a cottage site that was ideal, sand soil (not sandy, sand), flat, near the road, 3 bedroom size. The contractor put in field lines which were drainage pipes wrapped in a big long net bag containing styrofoam ‘peanuts’, like the ones used in package cushioning. I gather this replaced the drainage stone normally surrounding the pipe. He explained how ordinary pipe in gravel will settle, and also, often the gravel under the pipe is skimped.
    Is this a good system, worth repeating at our normal home? Is it expensive, or cheaper? Easier to install?

    • Hi,
      What was the cost for this system? We were quoted just under $30k for a similar system, for a 4 bedroom home requiring tree removal and sand trucked in.

  32. I’m looking for a contractor for Lindsay Ont
    I plan to build in the future a 2200sq ft cottage. Can anyone recommend a installer or supplier for septic tank, in Lindsay Ontario area.
    Thank you

    • Hey I would check out Professional Excavating & Construction for septic installations in the kawartha region.

  33. Hi everyone, I work in the industry and notice a lot of people are looking for installers. I recommend checking out the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association (OOWA) website – It has a lot of helpful information and also a directory that allows you to search for professionals based on your location. Not every installer is listed in the directory but it can be a good place to start.

  34. I’m looking to get a septic bed repaired or a new system
    In Sutton by lake Simcoe so far I’ve been quoted around 40-50000 is that Normal and 20000 for just a new bed ?? Can anyone help

    • Try calling professional excavating & construction they do septics and are really reasonable with the pricing

  35. Hi, I’m looking to have a decommissioned septic tank removed and was wondering who I could contact and a rough estimate on pricing. I’m in the Georgina area.

  36. Lots of usable information here.
    I am currently building in Zurich, Bluewater. Septic installed last week. This is a 1000 gallon cement tank with ECOFLO STB730 PR treatment system. Total cost is $20K + tax. Includes everything (material + installation + inspection etc.). House is a 3Bed 2000sq.ft. bungalow.

    Now a days the entire wastewater treatment system is available in a container. I am not sure if that is allowed in Canadian residential use.

    Hope this info helps

    • Who did you have install in Zurich? We may need to replace our leach bed and live close by.

    • Could you pls tell me the company name. I need to install for my new house.

  37. I am just west of Orillia Ont.,, have a leaching bed 37 years old needs replacing.
    Can anyone recommend a reliable & reasonably priced contractor ?

  38. My house and septic are very close to your example above but I don’t understand the size of the bed required as per below. “155 meters of total excavation and pipe length.” is that supposed to be square meters or feet? My current bed size is 5 lines approx 25 feet long. Is that too small?? Not sure how most properties could have 5 lines at 100 feet per pipe.

    For our house example, the total trench length would be calculated as (Q rate = 3100 litres) 3100 X 10 (T time for sandy soils) = 31000 / 200 = 155 meters of total excavation and pipe length.

  39. I appreciated it when you shared that a septic tank can be chosen from concrete, fibreglass, or polyethylene and come in a variety of sizes. My uncle just mentioned the other day that he is planning to build a house on a plot of land that he just bought a few months ago. I will suggest to him hiring a reliable service that can help install the right septic system for his new home.

  40. Just so I can have someone double check my math:

    House size: 2300sqft [214sqm]
    4 bedrooms[2000L min]
    Total fixture value: 26

    So because of the extra 14sqm I need an extra 140L and because of the additional 6 fixtures I need to add another 300L, bringing me to 2440L flow rate. Therefore my tank will need to be 4880L.

    And if my sandy soil has a T-time of 10 I would need 244m of drainage field.

    Can someone let me know if this math is correct?


    • Kayle, you take the highest of the 2 figures(sq/ft vs fixture units) so you add 300 L bringing you to 2300. Minimum tank size would be 4600 litres.
      Your drainage is based on the TDDSSF of 2300, not double. Your total pipe length would then be 115

  41. Hello,

    We are planning to build retirement home northeast of Ontario.
    Based on design we have living space on main floor 2922sq.ft and Upperfloor 1000 sq.ft.with total,
    3 full bathroom
    1 power room
    1 kitchen
    1 laundry
    1 dishwasher

    Soil dont have clay.
    How big septic tank do we need and what will it cost?
    Your reply is greatly appreciated.


  42. Hello ICF Home, we’re performing some rough calculations regarding septic tank capacities if we were to add a guest bedroom and bathroom in our basement. I came across your posted article and as general information, we found it and the guidelines on septic tanks and the OBC to be very helpful for planning purposes.

    Thank you very much for posting it. ~ Nela ~

  43. Great advice. Thanks. We’re looking for a reliable contractor to replace our existing septic system in Erin township. Any suggestions? Our current system is old and hurting. I don’t know where to look up septic records or what to do with that information even if I found it!

    • Hi David, We are out of Kitchener and do septic installs(Richard Schaefer & Son Ltd.) Feel free to reach out with any questions. Would be happy to lead you in the right direction.

  44. Great information. I am on the process of building a cottage (3 bedroom and 2 bathroom). Looking for possible comtractors in the area. I am on an island and willing to transport material to the site and have someone install the system. O called a couple of local contractors, but haven’t got a call back. Can you suggest a couple of companies that would be interested

  45. Does anyone know how much it costs for a septic system design? Is a survey required? Is an on-site T-time test required? Any input would be appreciated.

  46. Approximately $3500. That usually includes test pits and inspections of the install.

  47. Hi
    I have a conventional system which has a Q of 1800. I am looking to add an extra bedroom which will make it Q= 2200. The tank is rated at 4500.
    The leach field is a raised bed on a tight space and was designed around the 1800 flow rate with a T of 50.
    Are there any alterations that can be done to the existing field without expanding the square footage or newer alternative systems that could reduce the bed size?

  48. I think the prices here need to be updated. The information is great but, prices are outdated. We have to have our system replaced and of the several contractors that have come, for a three bedroom, it’s going to cost within the 30-40k range for bed and tank. Almost twice what I calculated through this site

  49. I agree! It’s recommended to have your septic tank inspected at least every three years. If your tank is used more than the average home, you may consider more regular inspections. The problem is, most homeowners only schedule an inspection when something is wrong with their system.

  50. I agree that the prices have increased considerably. I have recently acquired a home in the Dunrobin area. The septic system needs to be replaced and the quotes are ranging from 40k – 60k. If anyone knows of a company that can work with 40k maximum, please email me. Thanks

    • Celeste. I too live in Dunrobin and will be looking at leach bed replacement soon. May I ask what contractor you decided to go with and what was the final cost? Many thanks.

  51. Thanks for the reminder that soil tests should also be done when planning to get septic tank pumping services. I got a new one installed a few years back and I think it’s time to get it pumped. Hopefully, the whole process wouldn’t require a long time to finish.

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