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Top Trends in Home Design for 2019

Top Trends in Home Design for 2016

The new and upcoming trends of 2019 are growing stronger as the year progresses, and home design certainly doesn’t fall short. Although 2018 was certainly a leading and statement year in interior design and home decor, this year is beginning to look even more unique.

1. Beauty in Simplicity

In the recent past, lots of fads have used vibrancy as a crutch. Bright colors, bold statements, and out-of-the-box decoration all over the house are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Homeowners are beginning to prefer more classic and earthy colors such as ivory, eggshell, and cream. Brown and cream based colors are on the rise and provide the home with a more comfortable, natural feel.


In addition, the development in this era is calling for more minimalism. Often, we have crammed our houses with as many things as possible in order to make it wild and crazy as well as to just prove a point. However, we are now beginning to appreciate the beauty in empty space.

The trend isn’t to completely get rid of objects, of course, simply to place them tastefully and to allow more than enough comfortable and relaxing space in a room.

2. Patterns

For the past decade, we have neglected patterns as something of the past. Leopard prints and polka dots are outdated, and instead, we have replaced them in favor of solid, pure colors.


Although leopard prints and polka dots may not be returning anytime soon, interior designers observe that patterns are on the way to overcoming solids and are newly improved and better than ever.

People now favor designs that are intricate and focus on detail, sophistication, and also individuality. Patterns are becoming more appealing as a way to spice up a room, and while solids have catered to the bold taste of 2018, patterns provide the feeling of uniqueness we are beginning to adapt in 2019.

3. Warm Metals

The days of silver are coming to an end. Silver has long been a dominant metal in interior design, utilized in our bathrooms, kitchens, dens, and living rooms.

However, recent trends show that people are passing up on the silver and instead flocking to warmer metals, mainly rose gold.


Brass, copper, and gold, while widely used metals already are expected to overtake silver as leading metals in homes. Rose gold, contrarily, has only become popular recently.

Even though it’s popularity is relatively new, the color has appealed to the general population and is definitely to be added to households soon and in large quantities.

4. New Age, Retro Technology

It is unarguable that technology has become integrated into our culture. The advances in technology have been so immense in recent years that it’s rapidly changing everything else with it, as well.

New technology, particularly televisions and stereos/speakers, are more visually appealing than ever and are becoming a stylish part of our homes without question. Instead of being in an entirely different category, technology’s tasteful assets have now made it part of the furniture.

Speakers and televisions are skillfully placed in rooms and even add a sophisticated and modern touch that the population is pining after in 2019.

5. Mismatched

While many of the bold and vibrant trends of 2016 are passing, a different kind of approach to bold is rising. More comfortable and spacey feels are being added to home spaces, but mismatching adds that element of boldness and daring that gives substance to your home.

Although it may seem too much of a risk and is hard to pull off, the people of today are pulling it off and making it work. It makes interiors more intriguing and brings some elements of 2017 into 2019, with a twist. Patterns are being placed next to mismatching solids, contrasting woods and metals are being mixed together, and people are taking risks while being stylish and tasteful about it.

2019 is a revolutionary year for interior design and home decoration. Trends from the past are being taken and enhanced to add modern twists, and advancements in decoration and technology have allowed more options than ever to embrace individuality and style at the same time.

Concepts of sophistication and simplicity are slowly overtaking the old trends of vibrancy and theme designing, yet old concepts such as patterns and 70’s design are making comebacks make 2019 a better year for home design than any other.

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