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Top 9 Upgrades That Pay Off at Resale


Upgrades That Pay Off at Resale

If you’re purchasing a home from a new home builder, it’s important to consider which, if any, upgrades you’d like to have installed by your builder.

While it’s important to create the home of your dreams, it’s also important to consider the resale value of you upgrades – in the event you’d like to sell. To help you better understand which upgrades are the best return for retail value; follow these nine upgrades that pay off at resale.

1. Energy Efficiency

When you’re having a home built, it’s easy to overlook the finer details, which can often start within the walls of your home. Taking the time to ensure your home is energy efficient can not only pay off in the event that you sell the home later on; it can offer substantial savings on your utility bills as well.

With energy costs on the rise, it’s important to consider the potential increase in your utilities – while also considering the overall impact the upgrade will have on the resale of your home.

When having your home designed by a new home builder, you’ll have the option to stick with the basic insulation or to purchase an upgrade to spray foam insulation. The spray foam works by expanding between the joists of your walls – offering a more thorough application than fiberglass. This means your house stays warmer in the cold winter months and cooler in the hot, humid days of summer.

2. Granite Countertops

While it was once considered a sign of luxury, granite countertops are becoming a standard feature if custom built homes—with good reason. When you’re deciding on the countertops for the kitchen, many homeowners opt for the cheaper laminate materials, in an attempt to save some money on the purchase price of their home.

By opting for laminate countertops, you might save a few thousand dollars off the initial purchase price (average granite counters sit at $3,500.00) but it’s a decision that may end up costing you more over the long-term.

Over time, the laminate can warp, scratch and chip with repeated use – forcing you to replace them when that happens or when you eventually sell your home. Alternatively, granite is made from stone – producing a solid piece of counter space that is much less likely to scratch or chip.

3. Radiant Floor Heating 

One of the upgrades that pay off at resale is radiant floor heating. Quite a few people have heard of heated floors, especially in the bathrooms – but minimal people realize floor heating is a modern method of heating your entire home. Radiant floor heating works by warming the floor, sending the heat upwards toward the rest of your home – instead of sending the heat out into the air.

While it is a newer method of heating, it’s an energy efficient way that can keep utility costs down. It’s best to install radiant floor heating at the time of home building, making it an innovative product that can increase the value of your home down the road.

4. Whole House Generator

With an increased demand for power, rolling blackouts are becoming more common than ever before. Whether this is due to a winter storm or excessive heat wave – sitting in the dark for days can indeed take a toll. That’s not to mention the impact it can have on your supplies; food, water, quality of life – with the average blackout ranging between 3-7+ days.

Installing a natural gas generator in the home can help your property run power, even during a city-wide blackout. What’s more, opting to install a natural gas generator can improve the value of your home by offering an auxiliary power source.

5. Install an On-Demand Water Heater

Standard water heaters are becoming a thing of the past – especially as more homeowners demand energy efficient properties. That’s why installing an on-demand water heater is increasing in popularity.

Unlike traditional water heaters, on-demand water heaters offer substantial savings on your water and gas utilities. That’s because it only heats the water on a needed basis. That means you’re not going to have water “heating” at 4 am when you’re sound asleep.

6. Upgraded Wiring

The more dependent society becomes, the higher impact our devices will have on our electrical systems. That’s why it’s important to have an optimized electrical panel and wiring throughout your new home. By having a higher circuit throughout the house, you’ll be prepared for the increased demand of technology and offer a higher resale value on your home in the future.

Simply adding extra outlets and ceiling fans to individual rooms can make life much more comfortable without costing a fortune.

7. Grass Irrigation System

Landscaping is one of the key areas that can affect your home’s overall value when you decide to sell. Your front lawn is a central focal point for visitors, family, friends and potential home buyers; needing to be cared for throughout the week. Traditional watering methods can flood your lawn or leave burnt “missed” sections – becoming an eyesore over time.

Having an irrigation system installed can help you maintain your property, without having to sacrifice time and energy. Having an irrigation system can help you improve the overall property appearance and increase the value of the home in the event you want to sell.

8. Gas Line to Deck for Barbecue

Anyone who’s ever barbecued understands the frustration when you run out of fuel half way through cooking your hamburgers. Propane can be a costly fuel for a modest outdoor cook; requiring time and money to maintain. While natural gas does cost money to run, it’s often at a fraction of the price of propane.

You’ll never run out of natural gas while you’re cooking, and it’s a significant improvement to the outdoor living space. Many potential buyers look for added perks like natural gas lines when buying a home – which can help you increase the overall resale value.

9. Overall Kitchen Upgrades

In a room you use every day, it’s important that space is functional and practical. Cabinets are expensive to replace later. Installing high-quality cabinets will improve durability and appeal throughout the years – while continuing to help the resale value of your home when you decide to sell.

Look for key features like soft-close doors, high-quality handles and products that hold an overall cosmetic appeal, as well as both deepening and lengthening cabinets to ceiling height for a sleek, custom look and extra storage.


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